As building begins, we implement the latest construction processes and architectural methods to secure the roof, improve waterproofing and increase structure stability. As builders on the Outer Banks, we’ve seen and survived numerous hurricanes and learned many ways to improve weather resistance. Pound for pound, we put more materials and effort into the integrity of our buildings. The procedure and process in obtaining permits, surveying and staking the property is just the beginning. We believe in good planning and design, and we know that smart building is the key to success.

Prepared for the Weather – The Stan White Building Process

We like to give our clients and prospective Outer Banks homebuilders the step-by-step breakdown of our building process. We believe transparency about the planning, design, and building process will lead to the best final product for our customers. Here are some additional measures we take to build stronger, lasting structures:

  • Plywood is used for walls and roof sheathing instead of OSB (chip board). Each piece is nailed, and glued.
  • Plywood gussets are used between the ceiling joist and rafters for improved strength. This helps prevent blowouts due to a drop in barometric pressure or violent winds.
  • By creating a continuous connection between the roof and exterior walls, your building stands a better chance of resisting wind power that exceeds the weight of the building.
  • We use salt-treated plywood, weather watch and flashing for weatherproofing.
  • Even the decks we build utilize blocking underneath to prevent deck flashing and increase structural integrity.